Why you need to drive the Arctic Highway

Okay, so times aren't ideal for road tripping right now, but if 2020 has shown us anything, it's that things can always change, and as a result there's always the possibility that towards the end of the winter, the marvellous world of road tripping may open up once again. And if it does, we have a suggestion - head up to Norway and drive the incomparable Arctic Highway in winter conditions. Trust us, it'll be memorable. To prove it, here are s series of photos from when we took on the challenge of the Arctic Winter in a Fiat 126, many moons ago:

Our Fiat 126 crossing the Arctic Circle. The only modification required for the journey was the fitment of winter tyres, which are a legal requirement in Scandinavia.

Typical scenery near Mo-I-Roma

The northern lights, spotted at 68 degrees north.

Orion and a faint aurora shimmering over typical Arctic Highway scenery.

Further fjord views.

A typical view from the road side.

Our Fiat, just outside the Port of Narvik, at midday but with the sun still below the horizon.

Road conditions near the Lofoten Islands, at over 70 degrees north. Despite appearances, winter tyres mean grip on the icy surface is more than adequate.

Mountains in the dusk, just outside Narvik.

Battling south through a snowstorm - it's not always an idyllic winter wonderland.

So there you have it - proof in photographic form that if you're craving a road trip and it turns out to be a viable option, get yourself up to Norway's Arctic region this winter. You know it makes sense...


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