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The Eagle Rally

'This really was an awesome trip! The whole thing was planned out with amazing routes and great accommodation. The sights and scenery we got to see and experience were well worth the trip and then some. Seriously, one of the best ways to experience Europe - I'd highly suggest looking at Pub2Pub's Eagle Rally’  - Dylan, Eagle Rally '19

The next Eagle Rally will be taking place between the 14th and 22nd September 2024, and is now open for entries - details of how to reserve a place are given below.

So, the Eagle Rally.  What's this all about then? 

Well, in southern Germany, where the rolling hills of Bavaria give way to the foothills of the Alps, there is a mountain six thousand feet high. On the summit of the mountain, there is a bar. To reach it, you must first negotiate the steepest road in Germany. From the top of this road, a tunnel takes you deep into the mountain, where brass elevator awaits. Powered by a U-boat engine, this elevator lifts you 400 feet through the heart of the mountain to one of the most dramatic bars in all of Europe: the legendary Kehlsteinhaus.

Better known as The Eagle’s Nest, this heady destination was built as a fiftieth birthday present for none other than Adolf Hitler. Its marble fireplace was a gift from Mussolini, its walls eluded the bombs of the RAF’s Dambusters and its slopes were finally stormed by the US 101st airborne division. It’s not only a spectacular spot to enjoy a beer. It’s a piece of history.  And each year, we drive there for a pint, with 2024 set to host Pub2Pub Adventures' fifth running of what has already become an institution: The Eagle Rally.  So, it is our great pleasure to invite you to join us on the road to the Eagle’s Nest.

But what can you expect from this jaunt from to the far end of Germany? An experience every bit as soul-stirring as the bar to which the journey will take you, that’s what. Think the greatest driving roads of the Ardennes, the Black Forest and southern Germany, the quirkiest bars and restaurants which you’ll never find in any tourist brochure and the sort of camaraderie from which friendships are made, all strung together with the attention to detail which you'll have come to expect from Pub2Pub's driving tours.


'What an amazing road trip this was!  Pretty much a once in a life time trip, with brilliant people to share it with.' - Fraser, 'Team Youth'


The Important Information:

Dates – 14th to 22nd September 2024.

Distance – Approximately 1,800 miles of continental driving, depending on which route you choose.

Vehicles – While the Eagle Rally is generally the preserve of thoroughbred spots cars and grand tourers, with a large TVR contingent always in evidence, we welcome any enthusiast car along.  In the past we’ve hosted everything from classic Jaguar saloons to Lamborghinis; from MX-5s to a Porsche Boxster, and everything in between.  So, whatever you drive, if it'll fit in at a car show, its welcome here.

Route – The Eagle Rally takes you from the English Channel to the far side of Bavaria and back, via some of Europe’s greatest driving roads.  You can expect to take a twisting route through the sun-dappled Ardennes Forest, soar over the famous Black Forest High Road, sweep along the fabulous yet little-known, 300 mile long Alpenstrasse, and you’ll get the chance to wedge open the throttle on the autobahn, too.  Throw in the chance to drive the famous Rosfeld Panoramastrasse and add in a few laps of the Nürburgring if you fancy it, and in short, when it comes to driving roads and epic scenery, you won’t be disappointed.

Attractions – Where do we start?  As with all Pub2Pub trips, before setting off on the Eagle Rally you’ll receive a full itinerary which not only details the various routes which you can follow on each day of the trip, but also runs you through all the potential stop offs you can make along the way.  So, what options are there on the Eagle Rally?  Many, but here’s a brief run-through of some of the more notable ones.  Firstly, there’s the car stuff.  The Porsche and Mercedes museums, for instance, along with the Nurburgring and various other car collections scattered along the route.  There’s plenty of culture, if that’s your thing, from Neuschwanstein Castle to the cities of Bruges and Trier, and not forgetting the Eagle’s Nest itself.  Scenery?  Well the route itself has that covered, but additional highlights are cable cars to remote mountain summits, idyllic alpine lakes to stop off next to, and picturesque villages which just beg for a lunch break.  And finally, there’s the quirky stuff, such as the drive-through brewery run by monks, the world’s largest cuckoo clock, several cold war-era bunkers, a Soviet 'Buran' space shuttle, and an excellent restaurant known as the ‘Wankhaus’.

In short, we’ve done this properly.  We've spent months researching the most interesting stop-offs and the best driving roads between the English Channel and the Eagle’s Nest, and brought them together in an itinerary which gives you a variety of options for each day, enabling you to shape your Eagle Rally experience into your perfect trip.  This approach of having several different options for each day’s drive has the added benefit of naturally breaking up the group into several smaller, much more wieldy groups while on the road, which is a definite plus.  Instead of trying to drive to the Eagle's Nest in one continuous 20-car convoy, which gets broken up at every junction and overwhelms every café it stops at, you’ll enjoy a much more stress-free journey, which you can undertake freely, at your own pace.

Accommodation – While the route you follow during the day will depend on which parts of the day’s itinerary appeal to you most, the whole rally will be reunited each evening.  For the Eagle Rally’s overnight stops, you can expect mid-range hotels with breakfast included, as befitting of such a classy, yet cost effective undertaking.

Cost – For two people sharing a car, and staying in either a double or twin room, the provisional price is £1,500 including all accommodation, breakfasts, channel crossings via the Eurotunnel, the full trip itinerary including satellite navigation routings, the loan of a radio to stay in touch with other entrants, support from the Pub2Pub crew if you're unlucky enough to have any car issues and, of course, a cheeky Steiner in the Eagle’s Nest.  If you're based in Europe and hence won't need the channel crossings, then the price is reduced by £100, and you're welcome to join us in either the Calais or the Brussels area. 

To reserve a place on the 2024 Eagle Rally, just drop us an email at  A £200 deposit will secure your place, with the balance payable three months before we hit the road.

'Our trip was so well organised and had such a great breadth of activities, routes and locations it made it really enjoyable' - Gary, Eagle Rally 2019

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