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The French Revolution

*   *   *   The 2023 French Revolution road trip is now full.  However, if you might be interested in reserving a place on the 2024 running, feel free to get in touch  *   *   *

Right then folks, who’s up for a dry martini in the Monte-Carlo Casino?

Sounds good?  Excellent.  Let’s do this…


The ‘this’ in question, of course, is the French Revolution, our all new driving adventure for 2023 – a lap of France, with a stop-off for some refreshment at the world’s most glamorous casino marking the trip’s halfway point.  And while they say that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination, in this instance we think the destination deserves its fair share of the limelight.  Because really, can you think of any place more glamorous than the Monte-Carlo Casino?  Not easy, is it…


With a history stretching back over 150 years, this place has been hustling since before Las Vegas was even thought of.  Its daily winnings are in the region of a million Euros and its glamorous art-deco rooms and bars have been graced by all manner of high society.  In short, it’s one of those ‘must visit’ places, and a fine destination for a European grand tour.


But let’s get back to the whole ‘journey over destination’ thing – what of the journey there and back, this lap of France?  Well, that’s something we’re rather proud of, such is the blend of interest which we’re managing to shoehorn into the whole week away.  Here are some of the highlights:


Firstly, when you’re heading to Monaco, there’s only one road you can really take – the famous Route Napoleon.  This classic drive will twist you through the mountains of southern France for 200 miles, before you drop down from the hills to the shores of the Mediterranean, where the casino awaits.  You’ll be spending several nights down on the Riviera,  which will give you ample time to explore Monaco’s moneyed streets, cruise around the Grand Prix circuit, dip your toes in the Mediterranean and visit the second legendary bar on the itinerary – the memorabilia-packed bar of the Hotel les Trois Vallees, a Monte-Carlo rally icon located on the crest of the 1,607m high Col de Turini.  Naturally, the drive to and from this highpoint is pretty memorable too, being along the most famous stage of the most famous rally of them all.


But when it comes to driving roads, the Route Napoleon and Col de Turini are only the start, as our exploration of the south of France continues with the vertiginous tarmac which snakes through the 1,000m-deep Verdon Gorge, and France’s most famous race to the sky – the ascent of the 1,912m-high Mount Ventoux.  Then, there’s the run along the hairpin-infested Corniche de Cevennes, the impossibly scenic drive down the Gorge du Tarn, and the little-known cols of the volcanic Massif Central.  In short, and with apologies to Lotus, this one is ‘for the drivers’…


But what about places to stop?  Sure, we’ve got those covered too.  As is usual with our trips, we’ll be presenting a broad selection of the most interesting places en-route, enabling you to pick and choose those which appeal most.  We put literally months of research into finding everything of note, so this isn’t a remotely comprehensive list, but it should give you a taster as to what to expect.  And it makes sense to start by mentioning the scenery, as you’ll be spending day after day rolling through glorious mountain landscapes, where every new vista is an invitation to stop and gaze.  Spanning these vistas are some of the most photogenic bridges in Europe, including the Millau Viaduct, and Avignon’s Pont du Gard.  And nestling in the valleys, you’ll find time-warp villages which couldn’t be any more French if they tried.   But there are a few other points on the trip which hit peak Frenchness, of course.  Places like the cheese-caves of Roquefort, the towering cathedral of Chartres and if you’re feeling particularly brave, the sugar-fuelled excesses of the Haribo Museum.  Yep, we’re going all-out to find the leftfield stop-offs on this trip, and we hope you’ll be joining us for the journey.


The Important Information:

Dates – 17th to 25th June 2023.

Distance – Approximately 1,900 miles of continental driving, starting and finishing in Calais.

Vehicles – While we anticipate that most of the vehicles joining the inaugural French Revolution trip will be similar to the metal and fibreglass which characterises the Eagle Rally and Beer Italia – ie sports cars and grand tourers, with a significant TVR contingent – we’re happy to welcome any ‘enthusiast’ vehicle along on the trip.  After all, they say variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to cool cars, we’re completely onboard with that.


Route and Attractions – We’ve pretty much covered the route and attractions above, so we’re not going to repeat ourselves here, except to say that what we’ve written in the description above is very much the tip of the iceberg.  We’ll be continuing to research and refine both the route and the stop-offs in the build-up to the departure date, so you can expect this side of things to have reached a state of polished perfection by the time we hit the road.  And just like with our other events, we’ll be giving you a choice of different routes and points of interest for each day, so you can shape your French Revolution experience into your own perfect blend of driving, sightseeing and relaxation.


Accommodation – For the French Revolution’s overnight stops, you can expect to get your head down in some rather nice hotels, with breakfast naturally included.  Because let’s face it, we’re heading to the Monte-Carlo Casino.  We’ve gotta keep up appearances.

Cost – For two people sharing a car, and staying in either a double or twin room, the provisional price for a place on the French Revolution is £1,525 including all accommodation, breakfasts, channel crossings via the Eurotunnel, the full trip itinerary including satellite navigation routings, the loan of a radio to stay in touch with other entrants, and on-the-road support from the Pub2Pub crew if you're unlucky enough to have any car issues.  We’ve priced this trip slightly above the Eagle Rally and Beer Italia because good hotels on the French Riviera don’t come cheap, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the extra luxury once we’re there – rest assured, our focus on value for money is very much alive.


Finally on the subject of costs, if you're based in Europe and hence won't need the channel crossings, then the price is reduced by £100, and you're welcome to join us in northern France. 

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