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It was a simple idea.  V8Nam.  Get a couple of V8s, and drive them to Vietnam.  The resulting drive to the far side of Asia was certainly epic.

Map 10 V8Nam.png

V8Nam was years in the making.  The idea was first dreamed up in 2006, shortly after we'd completed the Mongol Rally, but it would take until the summer of 2013 for us to make such an ambitious idea into reality.  The resulting 5 month, 14,000 mile drive from the UK to Vietnam, and then on to Singapore, was one of our biggest undertakings yet, and the choice of vehicles - a Rolls-Royce and Corvette - probably the most preposterous combination we've came up with to date.

As you may well be aware, V8Nam forms the basis of the second book in our Road Trip Trilogy - The Road to the East.  So, if you'd like to read the full story of this journey, that's the place to look, as shorter articles simply can't do the whole story justice.  However, to give you a taster of what's involved in driving two V8 dinosaurs to the far side of Asia, click here for a link to an article on the drive, courtesy of the BBC's Top Gear Magazine.

And scroll down if you'd like to see some photos from the drive.

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