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The Italian Job

A homage to a film - 4,000 miles around Europe, via a stop in Turin to see in the 2008 New Year.

Map 5 Italian Job.png

In late 2007, we found ourselves in a predicament, the question being how to spend the coming new year.  Fortunately, the combination of the second 'Daisy the Mini' being parked outside, and the DVD of The Italian Job playing inside, brought on an obvious plan - a drive to Turin to see in 2008.  This trip was duly undertaken, and followed up with a whistlestop tour of Europe be fore returning to the UK, taking in Venice, Bled in Slovenia, an unusually named village in Austria, and a few other places besides.  As with some of the previous trips, the only place where a full write-up of our Italian Job homage exists is in The Road to the East, about which you can read more here.  However, to whet your appetite, scroll down to see some pictures from the trip.

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