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'Thought the age of eccentric British explorers was over, did you? Goodness gracious no. The latest to add his name to the illustrious list of hardy outdoorsy types covering great distance in not-much-comfort is Ben Coombs.' - BBC Top Gear

The story of Pub2Pub is the story of one man's obsession.  That man answers to the name of 'Ben', and is often to be seen perched on a bar stool, contemplating his next adventure.  Because his obsession is undertaking unlikely journeys in grossly unsuitable vehicles, with the Pub2Pub Expedition being just one of the many such journeys he's undertaken over the years.

This obsession has been raging for over a decade now, and the resulting road trips have seen Ben passing through over 80 different countries in the course of covering around 100,000 miles around the globe.  From Andorra to Zambia, Patagonia to Tibet, there's a strong likelihood that if you can find a place on a map, he's driven there, broken down and got the sunburn.

These trips began with a casual drive to Mongolia in a classic Mini, and have been getting more ambitious ever since.  Subsequent trips across Africa in a Porsche and to the far side of Asia in a Corvette led to the big one - Pub2Pub, which saw Ben travelling from the northernmost bar on the planet, to the southernmost, in a TVR, about which you can read more by clicking here.

As well as undertaking these unlikely journeys, Ben is also keen to inspire others to do likewise; to get out of their comfort zone and enjoy their passion for motoring in as adventurous a context as possible.  That's the thinking behind his writings for various magazines and publications, his trilogy of road tripping books and ultimately, its the thinking behind this website.  To inspire people to take their road tripping to the next level, and provide them with the tools and knowledge they require to do so.

So, we hope the time you spend on the Planet Pub2Pub website will inspire you to get out on the road and make the most of your enthusiasm for all things automotive, as well as providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to make the most of said opportunities.  And rest assured, any support you give us through on-site purchases, trip bookings or getting the word out through social media, will help us grow our own trip ambitions, and provide you with even more amazing journeys to read about in the future.

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