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It only takes a couple of ferry rides and a cruise across Spain to get from the UK to Africa.  We set out to do just that, in a rather tired 1976 Rover...

After our wintery lap of the Baltic, we decided that some warmer road tripping was needed.  So, the Jaguar was sold, a 1976 Rover P6 V8 was bought, and a summer trip to the Sahara was planned.

2,700 miles were driven in the two weeks in which we were on the road, including a crossing of the highest mountain range in North Africa - the Moroccan High Atlas - and a visit to the sands of the Sahara desert.  Predictably, the Rover suffered a few issues, but it ultimately made it, surviving the trip and delivering us back to the UK as planned.

If you'd like to read the full story of this trip, it's covered in some detail in The Road to the East, the middle book in our Road Trip Trilogy.  Naturally, however, we've included some photos of the trip on this page for your perusal - scroll down to browse through them.

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