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El Naranjo de Bulnes

A 5 day, 2,700 mile road trip to Spain and back, to climb the Matterhorn of the Iberian Peninsula.

Map 3 picos.png

What do you do when you have five days off work, and a classic Mini outside?  Simple, you undertake a marathon 2,700 mile drive to the Picos de Europe mountains in northern Spain, to undertake a big-wall rock climb to the summit of the toughest mountain there - the 2,519m high Naranjo de Bulnes.

This was the first adventure of the second Daisy the Mini, taking place only a few weeks after it was bought, in 2007.  To read the full story, get a copy of The Road to the East.  Or, to get a taste of this somewhat unusual road trip, scroll down to see some of the trip photography.

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