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The Brittany

Sometimes, the slow way is best.  A strange statement to come from people focussed on providing the most exciting European grand tours to owners of sports cars and grand tourers, perhaps.  But it’s true.


Because let’s be realistic.  While our grand tours are absolutely epic experiences which live large in the mind for years afterwards, sometimes it’s nice to just slow things down, and take the more relaxed road for a while.


This is the thinking which has led us to launch a new kind of trip – the Brittany Steers.  This tour of picturesque northwest France is designed for those classic cars in which undertaking our longer trips would be a chore, as well as those people who prefer a slower pace of holiday, with less driving involved.  In short, while it’s designed for classics such as Minis, MGs and Mercedes W124s, it’s open to anyone who fancies a relaxing week away, covering a chilled-out average of around 100 miles a day.  We're talking Fiat Panda perfection; Hillman Imp Heaven, a Lotus Elan's elation.  And naturally, TVRs are still most welcome – they won’t even have to keep the noise down, so feel free to leave those cats off.

So, where are we heading on this trip?  I’m sure you’ll have figured that one out already – a lap of the pretty coastline of Brittany is the plan.  But hidden within that summary, there are some pretty compelling places to visit.  And naturally, because we’d hate to be predictable, it all kicks off in Normandy, rather than Brittany. 


The outbound crossing is from Poole to Cherbourg, meaning that you can begin the drive with a mixture of all that Cherbourg’s peninsula has to offer, from the Titanic exhibition in the vast ‘Cite de la Mer’, to the Cotentin’s golden beaches; from D-day museums to the hulking great icon that is Mont St Michel.  And that’s all before we even reach Brittany.  Once we do, however, the interest just keeps on coming.  There are the U-boat pens and a tour of the museum-submarine of St-Nazaire.  There's Europe’s best car museum, just outside Rennes.  Pretty towns and villages, from Dinan to Pont-Aven.  The rugged rock formations of the Pink Granite Coast, and the wild vistas of Finnistere.  The wonderfully fresh seafood of Camaret, the ramparts of Vannes and the sweeps of Neolithic standing stones at Carmac.  And plenty more besides.  If you’ve already been on a Pub2Pub trip, you’ll know the level of research we put into the trip itineraries, and you can expect more of the same here – a variety of interesting options for each day on the road, through which you’ll be able to shape the trip into your perfect Brittany exploration.

Appetite whetted?  The inaugural Brittany Steers will be taking place between 31st August and the 07th September, and we’ve set entry to this first run at a rather reasonable £1,350.  This includes the channel crossings (Poole-Cherbourg outbound, St-Malo to Portsmouth return), all hotels, the full itinerary, on-the-road support from Pub2Pub’s mountain-climbing Mini, which will be coming along loaded with tools and spare parts, to assist if you have any on-the-road issues.  You'll also get loan of a 2-way radio to stay in touch with your fellow Brittany Steerers while on the road, full Google navigation instructions and, of course, the camaraderie and future friends which are a standard part of every Pub2Pub trip.  We throw that bit in for free, in fact.

If you’ll already be on the continent, and you’d like to join the fun without the channel crossings, you’re welcome too – the more the merrier, and you’ll get to take £200 off the entry price, too.

So, if you’re tempted by a chilled eight day tour of France’s less-peopled version of Cornwall, drop us an email at, and we’ll reserve you a place on the trip.

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