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We've been driving the world for fifteen years.  From the high Arctic to the Tibetan plateau; from the sands of Syria to the Patagonian plains, we've been there, done that, and probably broken down in the process.  And if there's one thing we like as much as setting off on a big road trip, its inspiring others to do the same.  That's the thinking behind our road trip trilogy; three books to inspire you through stories from the roads less travelled - check them out below, and enjoy the read!

'As satisfying and moving as a good novel' - Classic Cars Magazine


Across Africa.  In a Porsche.


Across Asia.  In a Corvette.


Due for release in 2021

'One of the world's most epic road trip adventures' 

- Classics Monthly


27,000 Miles for a Pint.

About Pub2Pub

Pub2Pub is the work of automotive adventurer Ben Coombs. Always on the lookout for unusual ways of pushing the limits of global, vehicle-based shenanigans, Ben's been roaming the globe in unlikely vehicles for 15 years now, and his drives have so far covered almost 100,000 miles in more than 80 different countries.

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