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The Brittany Steers - Seven of the Best...

When we start work on designing a new road trip, a fully-formed plan doesn’t simply leap into existence.  No, due to the amount of research required to put together each of our trip itineraries, it takes weeks of research and planning to bring each Pub2Pub driving tour to fruition.  Obviously, this work is behind-the-scenes stuff, which generally takes place over the winter, whisky in hand, and leans heavily on our decades of European road tripping experience.  However, as we spent this winter pushing a Mini up a Chilean volcano, we're running a bit late, and so in the case of the Brittany Steers the planning is happening right now. So, we figured we’d share some of our early findings with you.

As we write, on a sunny Easter Sunday five months before the trip departs, the planning is currently at a stage where the routes to and from France have been decided on, the hotels have been pencilled in, and a rough route around the Brittany peninsula has been planned.  We’re currently adding the layers of detail into the route – options for the most interesting roads, scenic stop-offs and places of interest.  And, to whet your appetite for the trip, here are some of the more interesting places which you’ll have the option of dropping by, should you decide to join the drive.  Naturally, we’ll be adding to this selection as the trip itinerary comes together over the coming months, but you should consider this as the Brittany Steers ‘starter for ten’.  Don't forget that this little selection is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll find in the itinerary, however, so there’s plenty more to come as we push on with the planning. And with that, it's over to the stop-offs...

01 – Mont-Saint-Michel

It’s one of France’s biggest draws, and it’s right on the route, so Mont-Saint-Michel was clearly a shoe-in for a place in the itinerary. Even if it is just across the border, in Normandy.  A UNESCO site for over 40 years, and the only place in northern France not to fall to the English during the 100 year’s war, it makes for quite a sight, its towers and battlements rising up from the waters of the channel. Mont-Saint-Michel is definitely one of those places you have to see at least once in your life.

02 – Manoir de l’Automobile

In the course of running Pub2Pub, we’ve been to a lot of car museums all across Europe, and in doing so, we’ve learned one thing.  This one is the best.  With its eclectic selection of cars, fantastic attention to detail in displaying them, and its unique F1 hall, you’ll have to travel a very, very long way indeed to find a collection which rivals the Manoir de l'automobile. It's that good, and is just as unmissable as Mont Sant-Michel, in its own way.

03 – the Submarine base of St Nazaire

Preserved German U-boat pens.  A French cold-war submarine to tour.  The dock gates which were famously rammed by a destroyer full of commandos during Operation Chariot, ‘the greatest raid of all’.  And a maritime history museum to boot – a detour to St Nazaire will be on your list if you’re a fan of all things naval.  Or alternatively, in Lorient, there are also preserved U-boat pens, and another submarine to tour.  So, you can always get the U-boat vibe twice, should you wish.

04 – La Distillerie des Menhirs

French whiskey, distilled the Scottish way.  If the fire water is your tipple of choice, then a tour of this fine distillery will be near the top of your list.  And if cider is more your thing, they’ve got you covered too, as if there’s one thing Brittany has a tradition of, it’s turning apples into falling-over water. Just make sure you're not the designated driver if you fancy making the most of the post-tour tastings...

05 – The old town of Vannes

We could have chosen any number of picturesque Brittany towns for this entry, but we’re going with one of the less known – Vannes.  Think cobbled streets, ancient ramparts and half-timbered buildings, with an overlay of unexpected street art and sculptures.  In short, the perfect place for an overnight stop… just like many other towns and villages we’ll be dropping into on the trip.

06 – The coastline of Pesqu’ile de Crozon

Given that Brittany is effectively France’s less-traffic'd answer to Cornwall, you probably know roughly what to expect already.  Sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, sheltered harbours, and dramatic sunsets out to sea.  However, in this whistlestop tour of the Brittany Steers, we’re going to settle our gaze upon the sweeping sands, hemmed-in estuaries and wild forests of the Presquile de Crozon – one of the most scenic spots in Brittany.  But don’t take our word for it; come along in September, and see for yourself.

07 – Fort la Latte

So far, we’ve had towns, countryside, museums, historical sites, and a quick tipple of whisky.  So, what to finish on?  Now there’s a question.  We’re passing over the Neolithic sites, towering lighthouses, local markets and magnificent chateaus, to turn our spotlight on a pretty awesome fortress.  With a history stretching back over 600 years and spectacular views, Fort la Latte was always going to get a place in the Brittany Steers Itinerary.


So, there you have it.  Seven points of interest which you’ll find on the Brittany Steers itinerary.  Naturally, we’ll be adding in plenty more options as we complete the plan for this, our newest of trips, but hopefully this little taster will give you an idea as to what to expect if you join us on the road this September - get in touch if a place on the trip would be of interest.

And if you're still making your mind up, there's some further info here:


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