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New for '24 - it's the Brittany Steers.

Updated: Mar 31

Well folks, with our Mini-based adventures in South America now receding into the past, it's time to look forward once again - specifically at our plans for 2024. And we've decided a plot twist is in order.

Our ten weeks spent driving around South America in a Mini, and a subsequent road trip from Germany to the UK in a Mk1 Renault Twingo which we made at the start of March, have reminded us just how fun simply motoring around in a classic car can be. Add in the fact that we've spoken to various people over the years who like the idea of our 'grand tours', but are put off by the distances involved, and we've came to the conclusion that a more relaxed take on road tripping has a place in the Pub2Pub story. So, we've came up with the Brittany Steers, a chilled-out tour of Brittany designed for both those cars - and owners - who are looking for an enjoyable European tour, but for whom our bigger trips cover just a few too many miles.

The itinerary will provisionally see the trip leaving the UK from Portsmouth on the morning of August 31st, arriving in Cherbourg in time for lunch. Over the next week, our group will make its way down the Cherbourg Peninsula to Mont St Michael, then Rennes, before heading down to Brittany's southern coast. We'll then follow the coast round, experiencing the best that France's less-crowded answer to Cornwall has to offer, before finding ourselves at St Malo on Saturday 07th September, all set to catch the morning ferry back to Portsmouth. So, sandy beaches, evocative fishing villages, Neolithic ruins, wandering tarmac and that fresh sea breeze - what's not to like? Here's a rough map of the route we'll be taking:

Total mileage for the week will be around 600 miles, or about 100 miles per day. So, you'll have plenty of time to take it easy, stop off at all the interesting places along the way, and enjoy as many leisurely lunches and dinners as you see fit. As with all Pub2Pub trips, there will be a full itinerary for the Brittany Steers, which will give you various options for places to go, things to see and roads to drive, for each day of the trip - you can see our early thinking on what some of these places will be, here. So despite the trip's relaxed pace, you won't be short of inspiration for how to spend the time.

As mentioned earlier, the Brittany Steers is being designed to appeal to the classic end of motoring, and to fit in with the vibe, we'll be bringing along our very own Mini as the support car, packed with tools and moral support. However, we're an all-inclusive bunch here at Pub2Pub, and so we'll welcome any enthusiast owned car to join us on the lap of Brittany, from TVRs to Trabants, Beatles to old-school Bentleys. Though naturally, if you bring something French, you'll win some extra baguette points. Whatever they are...

The other aspects of the trip will be very much in line with our other events. You can expect 3/4 star hotels with safe parking and breakfast included, the full itinerary as mentioned earlier, the Pub2Pub Mini along in support should you have any issues, loan of a radio to chat to other entrants, full navigation routings, a sticker pack, and all the attention to detail which you've come to expect from one of our tours. In short, it's the same old Pub2Pub vibe - just more chilled.

We're setting the entry fee for a car and two people at a more-than-reasonable £1,350, which covers all ferry crossings, hotels, and other benefits mentioned above - if this all sounds good and you'd like to put your name down for a place, or if you have any questions about the trip just send us an email at:

The Brittany Steers - let's make it happen.


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