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Mini6000 is go... and so is the Pub2Pub YouTube channel

If you follow Pub2Pub on social media, this may be old news for you, but right now, we're back on the road for the follow-up to our TVR-based Pub2Pub Expedition.

This latest undertaking is called the Mini6000 Expedition, and it currently sees us in Chile's Atacama Desert. Why? Well, we decided ti would be nice to mark the 60th anniversary of the Mini Cooper S, by taking our own Mini to an altitude of 6000 metres above sea level. We're currently around 1,700 miles into the trip, and our pairing of a '74 Mini and 1990 Range Rover are gradually climbing the Andes. To follow their progress, feel free to use the following links:

Rolling articles from our friends at Detour Roadtrips:

The Mini's Instagram page:

And we'll also be running periodic updates through the shiny newPub2Pub's Youtube channel:

And although we're currently on the road, don't for a moment think that means our European tours are being neglected. The 2024 Beer Italia is currently full, but if you'd like to reserve a place on one of our other trips next summer, feel free to get in touch...


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