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On the Road Again...

Greetings from South America!

If you've been following the Pub2Pub social media, you'll know we're back on the road on the latest one of our big trips, which goes by the name of the Mini6000 Expedition. Things have been very hectic so far, so we can only apologise for the lack of details thus far; however, we'll be endevouring to keep you up to date on what we're up to from this moment on. And where are we at this moment? Chile, of course. The Pub2Pub Mini arrived in Montevideo, last week, and in the company of a friend's Range Rover Classic has already completed over 1,000 miles across Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

For some more information on what we're up to, allow our friends at Detour Roadtrips to explain...

And we'll be getting some more updates posted up very soon.


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