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Memories from the Chateau - The Chimaera Jubilee

In our last blog post, before 2022's glorious, post-Covid relaunch of our guided road trips, we were getting all excited about the fact we'd tracked down a chateau which was interested in hosting our celebration of the 30th anniversary of the TVR Chimaera. So, how did the Chimaera Jubilee go? In a word, well. Very well, in fact. We'll be bringing you a full trip report once the hecticness of this summer's trip schedule and other car-related undertakings dies down, but until then, here are some photos from this summer's trip down to the chateau. Hopefully, they'll convey to you just what a great - and unusual - week away it was.

And if you're flicking through the photos and you're thinking 'I'd love to do something like that', then don't worry - given how well 2022's chateau trip went, we'll be running a similar trip next year. And this time, it won't just be restricted to TVR Chimaera owners, either...

So, enjoy the photos, and give some thought to coming along next year, if the idea of a slightly different take on the Euro-road trip concept appeals...


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