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Chateau Pub2Pub is go!

Since we ran our first chateau trip back in 2022, the yearly pilgrimage to a magnificent house in the French countryside has become a definite highlight of the Pub2Pub calendar. Each year, we've headed to a different region of France, and brought together a group of like-minded car enthusiasts for a week-long driving holiday, the highlight of which is a three-day stay in a luxurious, private chateau. These chateau trips are somewhat slower-paced than our other tours, and hence are perfect if you'd like to join a Pub2Pub trip, but are somewhat daunted by the distances covered in events like the Eagle Rally or French Revolution.

Here are some memories of previous trips, to give you an idea as to what to expect:

For 2024, in the spirit of 'go big or go home', we're putting together our most ambitious chateau trip yet, and you're welcome to be a part of it. This time around, all classic cars, sports cars and grand tourers are welcome, and as is traditional, we anticipate TVRs will form a very prominent part of the group.

Chateau Pub2Pub will be taking place between the 28th September and the 04th October 2024, and it would be great if you could come along. You can find out more about the trip by clicking here.

And to sign off, we'll leave you with a few pictures of next year's chateau. It's going to look pretty special with a fleet of petrolhead-worthy cars parked out front, don't you think?


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