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It was a simple idea.




Get a couple of cars with V8 engines and drive them to Vietnam, before carrying on to Singapore. But the resulting journey across half the planet, in two of the world’s most iconic cars, was anything but simple. We’re talking a Rolls Royce and a Corvette taking on a road trip across 22 countries, their way blocked by everything from the endless Kazakh Steppe to the steaming jungles of Laos. The resultant five month, 14,000 mile odyssey is truly one of the world’s great automotive adventures.


But when did this epic adventure start? Was it the moment the big motors shook the ground as they rolled east for the first time? No, it began years earlier, when Ben Coombs first answered the call to adventure which would eventually lead him to V8Nam’s start line. The Road to the East tells not only the story of his V8Nam odyssey, but also documents this journey of discovery which began years before.


A celebration of man’s adventurous spirit and a love letter to the freedom of the open highway, The Road to the East is the middle part of The Road Trip Trilogy, sitting between Coombs’ other books – Survival of the Quickest and Pub2Pub – to form a compelling account of a life being lived to the full.

The Road to the East - signed copy

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