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Why hello there, and thank you for checking out Pub2Pub's shiny new web presence, at which we've been beavering away to while away the lockdown hours.

The thinking behind this new site is simple. Since we climbed aboard our TVR Chimaera and hit the road on the Pub2Pub Expedition three years ago this week, the Pub2Pub project has grown in many different directions. What began as a road trip to visit the northernmost and southernmost bars on the planet has grown into something which incorporates many different elements from articles to books, apparel to adventures. The goal behind this box-fresh Planet Pub2Pub website is to bring all these disparate areas together under one roof - an inspirational one stop, road trip shop, if you like.

So, what can you expect as we drop the clutch and surge forwards into this brave new world? Well, at present the website is fresh, new and thinly populated, but over the coming months we'll be growing it into Pub2Pub's online focal point by populating it with articles, reviews, and news content. We'll be filling out the site shop with garb, books and items to help you enjoy the open road, and sharing the world of automotive adventure's greatest hits with you in any way we can think of. In short, our aim is to inspire you to get out there and live the vehicle-based life you've always aspired to - when it's once again safe to do so, of course - and to provide you with all the tools and motivation you need to do so.

So, that's where our online presence is headed; we hope you'll enjoy being part of it as we fling ourselves boldly into the next stage of the Pub2Pub adventure...


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Pub2Pub is the work of automotive adventurer Ben Coombs. Always on the lookout for unusual ways of pushing the limits of global, vehicle-based shenanigans, Ben's been roaming the globe in unlikely vehicles for 15 years now, and his drives have so far covered almost 100,000 miles in more than 80 different countries.

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