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Third Time Lucky...

Have you ever suffered from deja-vu, that feeling that somehow, you've experienced it all before? We have. In fact, we're going through a bout of it right now, the symptoms of which are both distressing and, in these times, depressingly familiar.

A lack of road trips.

It's a familiar story. Last year, on cancelling our entire itinerary of trips, we looked forwards to better times in 2021. We hoped things would improve sufficiently to allow us to get out and deliver those amazing drives we've all been dreaming about, and we committed to making a go/no-go decision back in May, so that if we felt obliged to cancel our 2021 calendar, there'd be plenty of time for our customers to make alternative plans.

Unfortunately, back in May, things weren't looking great. It was a judgement call, and a difficult one, but we took it, and postponed all our tours for this year.

Fast-forward to today and unfortunately, our pessimism has been shown to be not entirely unfounded, as even if you're double vaccinated, both of the drives we'd planned for late summer are still currently impossible. The Beer Italia's route is subject to a compulsory five-day quarantine on entering Italy, while the Eagle Rally's transit through Belgium is hobbled by a similar issue. Additionally, as the pandemic is still raging, there's the moral question of taking a large and potentially infectious, 30+ group of people through an extensive series of hotels and attractions, along with the risk of testing positive during the trip and gaining a ten-day hotel quarantine as a result. Ultimately, while we were most disappointed back in May when we felt we had no choice but to cancel our plans, it seems it was the right decision. After all, there's always next year, right?

Yes. There is indeed.

Its obviously early days, but we're actually feeling pretty good about 2022. So good in fact, that we're heading into it with plans for our biggest range of trips yet. As well as bringing back some of our pre-pandemic favourites - the Eagle Rally, Camembert Run and Beer Italia - we've got two new events for your enjoyment. So, here's our prescription for post-pandemic bliss next year:

26-27th March - The Barnard Castle Memorial Run

Our first UK event, this scenic weekend bimble from London to Barnard Castle celebrates one of the most famous drives in UK history.

14-22nd May - The Chimaera Jubilee

2022 not only marks our return to freedom; it also bares witness to the 30th birthday of TVR's most successful-ever model - the Chimaera. We're throwing a party to mark the occasion, and the while TVR family is invited.

18-26th June - The Beer Italia

This trip is very much a case of third time lucky, as this'll be the third time we've tried to make it happen. It'll be worth the wait though, because let's face it, a drive across the Alps to the supercar factories of northern Italy is hardly going to disappoint, is it?

17-25th September - The Eagle Rally

Our flagship event, this run down to the Eagle's Nest in Bavaria - via the Black Forest High Road and Germany's Alpenstrasse - is pretty much as good as it gets. Of course, that's not going to stop us aiming to somehow improve it for its return in '22.

01-16th October - The Camembert Run

We're going to close the season with our traditional two-week bimble from cheese to shining cheese - a drive from the English channel to the Mediterranean, via the most rural bits of France we can find.

So there it is - five different events. If there's anything there which appeals to you, we'd love it if you could join us on the road and help to get Pub2Pub Adventures back on track after our years of forced inactivity. You can read more about each upcoming trip on our 'drives, page:

And if you'd like to keep up to date with developments as we get everything in place to run these adventures, sign up to our mailing list on this webpage using the form at the bottom of the page or, if you're on Facebook, follow the events page for regular updates through the autumn as the road trip machine gets back into gear:

Finally, however you choose to keep up to date, we'd like to thank you for your continued interest and support, and we look forward to joining you on the road next year.


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