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Talkin' about a Revolution...

Here at Pub2Pub, if May was all about our trip to a French Chateau, then June's entertainment was equally dominated by the land of wine and camembert. Because in June, we ran our second trip of the year - the French Revolution.

The thinking behind this trip was simple - a lap of France, taking in the best driving roads this fine nation has to offer, and with a halfway stop on the Riviera to break up the driving. A simple concept, for a really rather awesome week away.

For the French Rev, we brought together a marvellously diverse group of cars, with the usual array of TVRs being joined by a couple of Astons, two Jaguars, an Audi R8 V10, a McLaren 720, an MX5 and a variety other machines. Or, to put it another way - what a convoy we made for!

The route took us on a circulous lap via the Maritime Alps, central-southern France and the Massif Central, and included such legendary driving roads as the Route Napoleon, Col du Turini, Verdon Gorge, Mont Ventoux, Gorge du Tarn and many more - in short, it featured more sweeping bends and saucy hairpins than you could shake a stick at.

This was the first time we'd run the French Revolution, but such was the enthusiasm for it from those who joined this inaugural run, it's definitely a shoe-in for next year's plans, with the provisional dates being the 01st to the 10th June.

If you'd like to get your name pencilled in against a place on the trip, feel free to get in touch...


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