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Pub2Pub's Midsummer Update

You know how it is. The new year comes around, you knuckle down, get on with this and that and, before you know it, it's June. That's how it's gone here, anyway.

But we're not about to complain, as all in all, it's been a pretty good start to the year. For us, it began in the Atacama Desert, almost 6,000 metres up on the side of the world's highest volcano, trying to coax our out-of-breath Mini and Range Rover into life - they were the highest cars on the planet at that moment, even if they were broken down. From there, January was spent in overland mode, on the road in South America. February saw our return to Europe while in March we randomly bought a Renault Twingo in Germany, and road tripped it back to the UK. April? That would be a two week camping trip in France, courtesy of the Range Rover, and then the Pub2Pub driving tours started getting into the swing of things. For May, this meant the French Revolution, while June hosted a new addition to the calendar - Mountains and Machines, which took in northern Spain, the Pyrenees and France, in spectacular fashion. So, five road trips in six months - not a bad start to the year, by anyone's standards.

But looking backwards only tells half the story - what's coming up in the next six months? Well, we'll be kicking off the second half of the year with our Beer Italia road trip, which is fully booked and will see us crossing the Alps to Italy's supercar central. That one gets underway at the end of June, and should be a pretty awesome spectacle.

Following the Beet Italia, we have our traditional seven week hiatus, when the caravans and camper vans come out in numbers to clutter up the roads of Europe. But we'll be back on it in the late summer, with three trips coming up to close out the summer season. These are:

The Brittany Steers - August 31st to September 07th

New for 2024, this is our chilled out tour of the Brittany coastline, designed for those classic cars - or owners - for whom our grand tours may appear to involve a little to much driving for comfort. So far, we've got an interesting line-up for the trip, including the likes of classic Minis, MGs and TVRs, and as booking is still open, we'd love it if you could join us for the week and help us get this new style of Pub2Pub trip off to a spectacular start. You can find out more about the Brittany Steers here.

The Eagle Rally - September 14th to 22nd

Ah yes, the Eagle Rally. It's the event we started this whole thing with, and it's back in 2024 for it's fifth running. This year's Eagle Rally is now almost full, but if you'd like a place, there's a possibility we may be able to fit you in. So, there's no harm in asking. Here are the full details of the 2024 trip.

Chateau Pub2Pub - September 28th to October 04th

What better way to end the summer road trip season than with a run down through northern France to our chateau in Normandy, where we'll be spending three nights living like life is meant to be. We're old hands at this now, and the trip will be run along the same lines as our previous two chateau trips, while this year it's open to all classic and sports cars. And as you can see, as far as the spectacular is concerned, we've turned things up to eleven this year with our choice of chateau. So, if this sounds like the perfect late summer break to you, come join us - full details here.

And that sums up our plans for the coming months. Whether you join us on the road or not, we hope you have a great summer on the road, savouring this automotive hobby we all share.


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