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Fourth Time's a Charm...

And then, just like that, our 2023 trips were complete.

Last Sunday, we returned from this year's Eagle Rally, which was our last tour of 2023. This is the fourth time we've run the Eagle Rally, having launched the whole driving tour side of Pub2Pub Adventures with the trip, shortly after getting back from our TVR-based expedition across the globe. And naturally, as we've now run the trip four times, it's getting rather polished, with the choices of roads, stop-offs and hotels having been refined to close to perfection - in short, the Eagle Rally is now as good as it's gonna get.

This year saw a full entry list hit the road to the Eagle's Nest, with plenty of TVRs being joined by machinery from Porsche, Jaguar, BMW and Maclaren, with a rather nice Bullet Ford Mustang rounding off the entry list - check out the photos below for a taste of what their lucky occupants got to experience on their rather epic drive.

Of course, we're not ones to stop at the number four, so we're already looking ahead to next year's Eagle Rally, which will take place between the 14th and 22nd September. If you'd be interested in securing a place on the trip, feel free to get in touch...


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