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Drives on the Horizon - our Plans for 2023

When it comes to our guided European trips, 2022 was our best year yet. We had the inaugural Beer Italia trip, which proved to be a fantastic success. Then there was the Chimaera Jubilee, our first chateau trip, but certainly not our last. And finally, there was the third running of the Eagle Rally, our flagship event, which has now been polished pretty close to perfection. Thanks to everyone who came along on these trips, and made them the unforgettable experiences they were - we appreciate your support as we bounce back from several years of being unable to travel.

But of course, we aren't the sort to rest on our laurels. If 2022 was good, we have one goal - to make 2023 better. Here's what we in the pipeline as far as the European tours go:

The 2023 Beer Italia - The inaugural Beer Italia was a great example of something which worked pretty well, right out of the box, so we won't be making any drastic alterations for the 2023 running. Because, why would you want it to change? If you're after driving roads, there's the Stelvio Pass, the Grand and Petit St Bernard passes, the Col de l'Iseran and the legendary Fuelapass to Davos. If it's car culture you came for, then the two nights we spend in the Modena area, checking out Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Maserati surely have you covered. And if it's simply a feelgood holiday vibe for you, well the trip has that on the menu too. You can read the full details of the 2023 trip here:

The 2023 Eagle Rally - Does the Eagle Rally really need an introduction? It was our first ever event, and we've now run our trip down to the Eagle's Nest, in the far corner of Bavaria, three times. And just like the Eagle Rally, it ticks all the boxes, from the snaking tarmac of the Black Forest High Road, Alpenstrasse and Rosfeld Panoramastrasse (and, if you fancy it, the Nurburgring), to the car culture of the Porsche and Mercedes museums. But, being a Pub2Pub trip, the Eagle Rally isn't just about the big hitters. The are also the quirky little stop-offs which you won't find on any tourist brochure, and which make the trip such a unique experience. For all the info on next year's run, take a look here:

The 2023 French Revolution - New for '23, this is our trip down the Route Napoleon to the Monte Carlo Casino, and then back home via the finest driving roads southern and central France have to offer. We're still getting the fine detail of the plan worked out, as here at Pub2Pub doing so is not simply the work of a moment, such is the microscopic level of detail we go into in the planning stages. Bur rest assured, from the twisting Col de Turini to the soaring Millau Viaduct, and from the plummeting Verdon Gorge to the heights of Mt Ventoux, we're cooking up something really special here. More info at:

Chateau TVR 2023 - Another new trip for 2023, albeit one which builds on the success of the 2022 'Chimaera Jubilee', which saw a convoy of Rover V8-powered TVRs head out to France for a stay in a private chateau. For 2023, we're opening up our chateau run to all TVRs, and moving the destination to the Val de Loire. We're still working out the finer details of this particular trip, so if it's of interest, check back very soon for the full info.

So, there you have it - our plans for 2023. Hopefully, there's something in there which takes your fancy. If so, feel free to get in touch and reserve a place. Because if there's one thing the world has shown us in recent years, it's that life is for the living. So go on, get out there and make those dreams happen...


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