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...and then, suddenly, it's summer...

Hi, followers of Pub2Pub.

We have an apology to make - it concerns the lack of new posts on here over the past few months. But, we also have an excuse. We've been pretty busy.

Since our last post in late March, we've taken the freshly-rebuilt Mini on a shakedown camping trip to France for two weeks, covering nearly 1,000 miles in the process. We've run our first trip of the year, in which 18 TVRs headed to the Val de Loire for a break in a luxury chateau, and our second, in which we took 20 sports cars down to the French Riviera in an epic, week long drive.

But the time on the road is just the tip of the iceberg. We've also booked hundreds of hotel rooms, dozens of channel crossings, put the engine back in our Volvo 240, fixed the issues which arose with the Mini on it's shakedown French adventure and felt guilty for still not having done the outriggers on the TVR yet. And then there are the itineraries. Ah yes, the itineraries. For each trip we run, we put together a comprehensive dossier which covers every aspect of the drive, from navigation instructions for the best roads to points of interest at which to stop off en-route; from the check-out times at the hotels to restaurant recommendations for dinner. Each of these itineraries represents weeks of work, and we've put three of them together this spring. But suffice to say, don't feel sorry for us. All the above efforts have been worth it.

The Mini is looking great. The Chateau trip was amazing. The French Revolution might even have been our best trip yet. And we'll be bringing you up to date on all of these in the next few months, as our workload drops off a bit.

But first, it's the Beer Italia. We're leaving on Friday, to head over the Alps to Italy in the company of some great like-minded folk. We've got some great cars signed up for this one, so definitely, don't feel sorry for us. Things may be busy, but life is pretty good right now...


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