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An Entente Cordiale - the Chateau TVR Trip

Some things just go together well, like they were always meant to be. Think James Bond and Aston Martin. Or fish and chips. Or maybe America and the V8. But I'd like to add another suggestion to the list - chateaus and TVRs. Because, when you look at the photo above, it just works, doesn't it? The classical glamour of a French chateau simply suits the style and drama of a gathering of TVRs.

Following on from the Chateau Chimaera trip which we ran in 2022, this year, we decided to take this happy juxtaposition of TVRs and French stately homes, and run with it. The chateau was bigger. The rooms were more luxurious. The TVRs were more numerous. And, the end result was most memorable, as you'd expect.

This year's Chateau trip took place in early May, and saw 18 TVRs heading for a private castle in France's Val de Loire region. With these chateau trips, we always aim for shorter driving days than you'd expect from our other tours, and so the group made its pleasant way slowly down through the French countryside, stopping off for coffee and croissants at regular intervals, and visiting the various points of interest mentioned in the itinerary.

After a few days on the road, the chateau was reached, which became the group's home for the coming three nights. And so, everyone settled into a routine of relaxing, interspersed with drive-outs, sightseeing and wine tours, with meals in the chateau every evening, before taking a slow drive back north, to return to the UK a week after first crossing the channel.

And following on from the success of the trip, we can assure you that there will be a 2024 Chateau TVR trip, which is currently pencilled in for late September. If you'd like to be involved, watch this space, as we'll be bringing you the full details later in the summer.

Because let's face it, few things go together as well as chateaus and TVRs.


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