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Chateau TVR

*  *  *  The 2023 Chateau TVR trip has now taken place.  However, we'll be running 'Chateau Pub2Pub between the 28th September and 04th October - please feel free to get in touch with us if a place on this trip would be of interest.  In the meantime, below are the details of the 2023 trip - we'll be updating this page with the details of the 2024 trip very soon *  *  *

In 2022, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the TVR Chimaera, we ran our first-ever chateau trip.  And you know what?  It was pretty damn good.  But surely that's no surprise to anyone, as combining fifteen TVRs with the exclusive usage of a luxurious chateau in the idyllic French countryside is about as good a prospect for a week away as can be thought of.  So naturally, we'll be doing it all again in 2023, between the 13th and 19th May.  This time, all TVRs are welcome, and it's going to be even better.

For this year's chateau trip, we're heading to the most chateau-centric place of all - France's beautiful Val de Loire.  We have a delightfully elegant 500-year-old chateau at our disposal, which is set in 100 hectares of woodland and grounds - in other words, plenty of space to park as many TVRs as we can muster.  And inside the chateau, the wonder continues.  All of the living spaces have been sympathetically restored in recent years, and retain their classical charm.  In a step up from 2022's chateau, every bedroom is en-suite, and all of the rooms are spacious and unique; just what you'd expect from the height of renaissance luxury, in fact.

We'll be spending three nights in the chateau, so there will be plenty of time to both relax in luxury, and get out and explore the delightful Val de Loire, which is reckoned to be one of the most beautiful regions in all of France.  And naturally, there'll be a road trip to and from the chateau to enjoy, too, with overnight stops in Rouen and Le Mans on the way out from Calais, and a stop near Paris on the return journey.  Just like on our other trips, this drive will be fully documented in the Chateau TVR itinerary, which will give various options for things to do, places to see and restaurants to eat at during the day's drive, allowing you to shape the trip to and from the chateau into your perfect journey.  Additionally, various drive-outs, tours, activities and other suggestions will be available during the chateau stay - for every trip we run, we spend weeks trawling the route with a fine tooth comb to find the most interesting and unusual diversions to include in the itinerary, so rest assured, you won't be disappointed.

So, what's the price of this most glamorous of TVR trips?  A mere snip at £1,400 for a car and two people, which covers channel crossings via the Eurotunnel, all of the hotels for the drive from Calais to and from the chateau, breakfast every morning and of course, a spiffing en-suite room in the chateau itself.  Additionally, the fee also gives you the trip itinerary with fully integrated full sat-nav routings, and the peace of mind to know that Pub2Pub's Chimaera will be along in a support role, loaded with tools, spare parts and a wealth of experience, and on call to assist should you have any issues.

So, a week touring France in the fresh spring air, in the company of fellow TVR owners, with a three-night stay in a beautiful chateau thrown in for good measure - do holiday plans get any better than that?  Of course not.  Places are limited, but to book onto the trip, feel free to drop us an email at and we'll reserve you a room in Chateau TVR.

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