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The Camembert Run

*  *  *  The 2022 Camembert Run is now open for entries - details of how to reserve a place are given below  *  *  *

So, the Camembert Run.  What's the thinking behind this one then?

Simple.  Remember the Cannonball Run?  That uncouth stampede across the United States, from sea to shining sea.  All those big engines and bigger egos.  The brain out, foot down brashness of it all.  How undignified it all is!


Wouldn’t it be so much better if it was held in France?


Of course it would.  All hail the Camembert Run - a dignified meander through the French countryside, from cheese to shining cheese.  We’re talking a highly cultured vin and fromage-fuelled stroll from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, stopping at only the finest patisseries for our morning croissant, fuelling ourselves with only the most enchanting of café au laits and consuming only the crustiest of baguettes with our cheesy delicacies.  And you are cordially invited to take your place in this most salubrious of convoys.  We ask only one thing.

Your steed must be a plucky little unsung hero from years past, as this is truly a journey for the retro heroes of our roads.  We’re talking vintage Renaults, classic Citroens, Vauxhall hatchbacks and ancient fiestas.  If you’ve got an old Fiat Panda, this is the road trip for you.  Rollin’ in a Rover Metro or plucky Polo?  You’ll fit right in.  ‘80s Datsuns, Civics and Micra K10s will feel right at home, while the Gaelic charm of a Renault 4 or 2CV will earn you hero status.  And if you bring along a beige Austin Maestro, we’ll personally buy you a tacky model of le Tour Eiffel in celebration of your fine taste.

So there you have it.  The Camembert Run – a two-week, slow paced, cheese and wine-fuelled bimble through the French countryside from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and back, in a convoy which oozes unpretentious, plucky charm.  Befitting its role as the slower-paced counterpart to our sports car-based trips, each day averages only three to four hours of driving as we potter across rural France, giving plenty of time to enjoy the trip.  Instead of hotels, to keep with the chill vibe we've made this a camping trip, and there are four rest days planned into the schedule to make the most of some of the most interesting places we'll be visiting - these take place at Millau/Roquefort, Monaco, Chamonix and Fontainebleau.

So, what's the cost of all this cheesy decadence?  Less than you'd think, actually.  For a car and two people starting the trip in the UK, ferries and accommodation come to £699.  Already on the continent?  ditch the cost of the ferries and you can join the trip for £599.  Unlike our other trips, we've left the cost of the attractions out of the upfront cost, as there are so many different options which we'll be detailing in the route plan, that you'll probably want to make your own choices on exactly what to see.  Oh, and one last thing - it's our first family friendly trip.  If you wish to bring along children or deviate from the one car, two people template, let us know and we'll get a bespoke quote made up for you.

So there we have it - cool cars, chill campsites, quirky places and the perfect excuse to buy that Renault Twingo you've always promised yourself.  We look forward to sharing a cheese board with you at the start line…


Now you know the general jist of the plan, here are some of the trip's specifics, brought to you through the medium of bullet points - hopefully they'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect during our lap of France.  And hopefully, by the time you've finished reading them you'll be suitably inspired to join us on the road...

  • 2,100 miles
  • 16 days

  • 500 different varieties of cheese

  • Two Camembert museums, and the actual village of Camembert

  • One cave full of Roquefort, and another one full of mushrooms

  • Many, many chateaus

  • Three high alpine passes

  • Some more chateaus

  • One trip along the Route Napoleon, with a detour into the Verdon Gorge

  • One Panzer tank, randomly dumped next to the road

  • Eighty extinct volcanoes

  • As many laps of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit as you can manage

  • One museum dedicated solely to Haribo 

  • Two car museums, one packed with race cars, the other with dusty barn finds

  • One restaurant housed in a massive old cargo plane, located in the region of Brie

  • William the Conqueror's birthplace, and Da Vinci's last home

  • ...and the seldom-visited village of 'Anus' 

Appetite whetted?  Excellent; the 2022 Camembert Run will be taking place between the 01st and the 16th October.  For more information or to enquire about a place, drop us a message at 

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