You've seen our rather dashing Total vehicle Reliability Tees - now, here's the design in sweater form...


If there's one thing which the Pub2Pub Expedition proved, it's that TVR stands for 'Total Vehicle Reliability'. 


27,000 miles across 25 countries is quite an achievement in anyone's book, and to celebrate this, we decided to make this sweater.  And as we didn't want to do it by halves, we've teamed up with Mark Lacey - fellow TVR owner, and one of the UK's leading automotive illustrators - to make this the most stylish automotive garment out there.  A definite cut above most of the automotive designs out there, we think Mark's amazing work speaks for itself...


Printed in the UK on toasty-warm sweaters, this is one item you need to wear with pride if you're into all things TVR.


Currently available in men's sizing only.

'Total Vehicle Reliability' Sweater