If you followed the Pub2Pub Expedition, you'll be familiar with our logo, given it was - and still is - splattered up the side of our TVR in two-foot high gold lettering.  Well, now you can wear it with pride and support the whole Pub2Pub project as you do so, by buying yourself our men's T-shirt.


Printed in the UK on high quality ringspun cotton tees, let's face it - is there any T-shirt more suitable for wearing to the pub than this?

Pub2Pub Logo Tee


    About Pub2Pub

    Pub2Pub is the work of automotive adventurer Ben Coombs. Always on the lookout for unusual ways of pushing the limits of global, vehicle-based shenanigans, Ben's been roaming the globe in unlikely vehicles for 15 years now, and his drives have so far covered almost 100,000 miles in more than 80 different countries.

    You can read more about Pub2Pub's Backstory by clicking here.

    Email: Ben@pub2pubadventures.com

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