The Barnard
Castle Memorial Run

*  *  *  The Barnard Castle Memorial Run will be opening for entries in October, once the plans for the event have been finalised.  *  *  *

Britain has its fair share of legendary drives.  The NC500.  The Evo Triangle.  Even the marathon jaunt from Lands End to John o’Groats.  But in recent times, all these worthy undertakings have been overshadowed by the UK’s most famous motoring challenge: 


London to Barnard Castle.

This unlikely undertaking has reached a mythical status in recent times.  It has taken its place on the front page of the nation’s newspapers, been talked about on countless TV programmes and websites, and even qualified for a live question-and-answer session in the most prestigious rose garden in this fair land.

So, for our first UK-based outing, we figured we’d hit the road to Barnard Castle and see what all the fuss is about.

We’ll be running the Barnard Castle Memorial Run on the weekend of the 26th and 27th March 2022, or to put it another way, two years to the day since the legend of this previously unsung drive began.  The run will be a two day event, beginning on the outskirts of London and travelling to the Castle via the quality roads of the Peak District National Park and the Yorkshire Moors, interspersed by interesting stop-offs and the kind of scenery which is so good, you’ll be wanting to grab an eye test at the end of the drive, to make sure you weren’t imagining it.

And the best thing about the Barnard Castle Memorial Run?  Well, not only is it our first-ever UK event, but it’s also our first not-for-profit charity run too.  Pub2Pub won’t be making a penny from this journey.  All proceeds will be donated to the NHS, and we’d love it if the participants could use the opportunity to raise money for this worthy cause, too.

The Barnard Castle Memorial Run is currently in the initial planning stages, and we’ll be bringing you further details of our 2022 season opener over the coming months.  So, if it sounds like it could be of interest, pop the dates into your diary, and feel free to join us as we plan our return to the open road.